musique, texte: Amaury Faivre

album: Ol' Days Feel (2012, track 6)



My mama found a job

For me in the local papers

She told me to call

I couldn’t find the number

That’s why she called herself

To get me an appointment

I had to be at 10

On monday after week end

Work work, I’m gonna work


I started on monday

and found the job great

stackin wood for all day

that really mean a thing

The problem is the boss

Who came to me on tuesday

He told me in a toss

Tomorrow is the end

Work work, I wanna work


Now it’s been two weeks

since I got fired

I’m keeping tryin’ searchin’

Hard to get hired

No one in his business

Needs a pair of hands

I’m tired to be jobless

they all don’t give a damn

Work work, Gimme some work


In all this time at home

had time to play my guitar

record a few songs

and get them to a bar

did you write all this stuff

asked me the bar tender

for me it’s good enough

I can make you an offer

Work work, I got some work


I play here every night

it’s always full to bursting

I even got a contract

to make a few recordings

My mama keeps on sayin’

you gotta find a work

even if I’m earnin

half her wage an hour

The moral of the story

is that you can get rich

you mama’ll always worry

you can get a hitch

Amaury Faivre and the Broken Harps - Ol' Days Feel


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