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musique, texte: Amaury Faivre

album : 2020 (track 3)


Sister, dry your tears

Cos I know there’s something to hold on to

The pain, you’re living with

Sure must be a way to live without


And I’ve known you long enough to see

Something is wrong

That you gotta get rid off

If you wanna live long


And your friends, they tell me bout your sorrow

But you don’t tell me nothing of it all

And what I feel, it’s that it’s not your fault

So I ain’t gonna judge you or treat you wrong


So now you gotta talk to me about this mess

You’re going through

Is that your job your kids your man that’s troubling ?

As a brother I’m asking you


She said, the eyes full of tears

You know, who causes my fears

But I love him, and I need him, but he’s just too hard on me

And I’m stained by devil hands

Gotta leave before the end


Sister, how strong you’ve been

To take your things and take your kids away

And soon enough, I’m gonna pay a visit

Cos I long to see them, now you feel better

I long to see them, more than ever

Because I’m missing my family

and sister

Amaury Faivre


Copyright © 2020 Amaury Faivre

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Amaury Faivre