On A Hill

musique, texte: On A Hill

album: Crazy Old Man (2018, track 10)



As a little boy I lived on a hill

And that's what made me so quiet

T'see the morning mist around gathering

Sure that learnt me to take my time


But growin' up I had to leave my dreams

To go to school down the city

And all the children made me miss my hill

With their shouts and their quarrels and laughs


Being back home at night was a delivery

I could have peace alone on my hill

Staying locked up in all my mystery

Did non know I would pay the bill


‘Cos growin’ older it got harder

To stay away from society

I didn't know that I would feel better

If I'd share with the people around me


Still stuck in silence I hoped someone

Surely a girl to be the one

Who’d take my hand and show me how

To feel alright everywhere I go


That's how you woke me up to my own life

Opening my eyes and my desire

That's how you made me be a full grown man

No afraid to talk to people, not worrying about how things go

Let me thank you once and for all

Amaury Faivre Duo - Crazy Old Man


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