Amaury Faivre


Kinda Girl

musique, texte: Amaury Faivre

album : 2020 (track 4)


Well she’s the kinda girl, the one that doesn’t stay

She’s the kinda girl that’s always on the way

She’s the kinda girl you meet one day

The other day she’s gone away

And when you’re on your own she’s in your head


These kinda girls, they show you how to live

They guide you up, in spite of your own will

They got never angry nor afraid,

A trust in life that never fades away

These girls they live with no one else


The one I met, one I can’t forget

She came to me, an angel I did not expect

And I fell in love with so much grace

I flew with her and when I fell

I looked up and I saw her fly away


Well now I’m old, I heard she passed away

And I’m waiting for this time they gonna fill my grave

But the only thought I have in mind

Is that selfish hope that she won’t find

Too many waiting for her at the gate

Amaury Faivre


Copyright © 2020 Amaury Faivre

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