Did I Forget To Say I Love You

musique, texte: Amaury Faivre

album: Ol' Days Feel (2012, track 10)



i woke up to an other day, the alarm clocked an hour late

and i'm rushing for the door

the morning traffic moving slow, i listen to the radio

trying to find out what's going on

i get to work, start open my files one by one

a man's work is never done

i met the top of a mountain, but i'm still not satisfied

why do i feel so empty inside


did i forget to say, that i love you

this morning, when i rushed out the door

did i forget to say, that i need you

that you're the most important thing in my life,

and you're everything i have


thinking about you makes me smile, crying like a baby child

i lost a few drops this morning

she's such a hard working girl, she makes everything she can

just to please me


i never met a girl that treated me so king

and taking her for grand, the furthest from my ming

it was an other side, i flipped up this time

she's got the whole that matters in my life


did i forget to say...

Amaury Faivre and the Broken Harps - Ol' Days Feel


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