Amaury Faivre  is an acoustic blues artist, celebrating a 20 years of career on more than 800 stages, in a dozen of countries and 3 different continents.

His career debuts with the Prix du Public at the JMF in Paris at the age of 15, and he wins with Amaury Faivre Duo the 2017 Swiss Blues Challenge. After years spent backed by electric bands, acoustic duos or even a symphonic orchestra, Amaury offers today a solo performance, which coincides with the release of "2020", his third studio album.

Amaury conciliates freedom of jazz and emotion of blues, with a peculiar mastery of the harmonica which gives him the opportunity to offer an intense and upsetting act, surprising and sincere. [...]

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2018 - Crazy Old Man

2012 -  Ol' Days Feel

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