You Just Can't Go Wrong

musique: Amaury Faivre

texte: Letty Girardet

album: Crazy Old Man (2018, track 8)



She’s just a little thing, only got one shoe

I’m just an old man, who only knows the blues

Have to give her comfort, the only way that I can do

My harp out of my pocket, I sit her down and play a tune


When nothing’s left to lose

When there’s nowhere you belong

Draw out the pain in your heart

And let it pour into a song

Hear the voice that sings that sings the blues

You just can’t go wrong


Her world’s in pieces, mine’s forever been

Nature’s wreaked it’s vengeance, no way it can be healed

Her head upon my shoulder, her little hand in mine

Even with the right song, it’s gonna take some time


No, no you can’t

Well, she’s gotta heal, believe in life in everything

Even in a world where the people, the people die

There’s a song,

Yeah there’s a song

You gotta hear it,

You gotta feel it,

You gotta know it carries sorrow away

Amaury Faivre Duo - Crazy Old Man


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