Yearned For You

musique: Amaury Faivre

texte: Letty Girardet

album: Crazy Old Man (2018, track 4)



Like a ship, lost in a storm,

Yearns for a beacon, to shine from shore

Like a man, in the desert sun,

Yearns for shade, to cool his bones

For years, long dry years, I’ve yearned for you


Like a child, yearns for the comfort,

Of his mother’s arms, to heal the hurt

Like a seed, yearns for the rain,

To help it rise, from its early grave

For years…


You marked my soul, with you brand

Then went off and married some other man

Like without you’s like being damned

I’ve yearned for you


Like the moon, yearns for the sun,

To chase the gloom, to bring its warmth,

Like a tree, yearns for wind,

So it can dance, and sing again

For years…


Since I heard, you were free

I can’t stop wonderin’, how it would be

If you’ve been hungerin’, just like me

I’ve yearned for you

Amaury Faivre Duo - Crazy Old Man


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