Amaury Faivre


Wrong Girl

musique, texte : Amaury Faivre

album : 2020 (track 2)


Here’s the story of a young man

Had to leave his home town

Had to leave family and friends

Leave it all behind

Packed up his things and clothes

Flipped a coin to know where to

Spent the night with his girlfriend

Hit the road in the gloom


20 miles he’d been walking

When the sun came up

20 more he’d been struggling

Before the first highway shop

Asks for a coffee and a breakfast

Everything goes too well

But a man comes in the shop,

And he shouts at him like hell


Hey young man, you’ve been messing with the wrong girl


Pain, when the stone hit the head

Escape, through the back door of the shop

20 miles he’d been running

Leave this county behind

Ahead of him was a city

Where he gotta start a new life


Get outta here, cos he’d been messing with the wrong girl


He found a job in a factory

And a home in a cheap hotel

Do his best to blend in

Be a good employee and man

20 years he was still there

But inside he was insane

Always awakened by nightmares

Cos all this time he’d been this


Young man, who’d been messing with wrong girl

Amaury Faivre


Copyright © 2020 Amaury Faivre

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