Amaury Faivre


Mary Mae

musique, texte: Amaury Faivre

album : 2020 (track 7)


Mary Mae, what you do to me

Mary Mae, stop doing that to me

Cos I can’t sleep at night, and the more I try

I think about you and me


Mary Mae, what a funny game you play

Mary Mae, please stop that game you play

And you give me your blinks, you show me your things

I don’t know what you mean


Mary Mae, please answer the phone

Mary Mae, please pick up your phone

But you let it ring, just like you don’t give

A shit about the one who calls


And if it goes like this I’m a do something

For years you’re going to regret

I’ll call your dad and tell him about

The men you see behind the bar


Mary Mae, you make a fool of me

Mary Mae, please stop that dance with me

Everybody knows, they me ‘the horns

And I can’t go through the doors


Mary Mae, quit this game with me

Mary Mae, stop being bad to me

Amaury Faivre


Copyright © 2020 Amaury Faivre

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