It's Time For Me

musique: Amaury Faivre

texte: Letty Girardet

album: Crazy Old Man (2018, track 11)



It’s time for me, to dry my tears

It’s time for me, to face my fears

It’s time for me, to turn around,

Pick myself, off the ground


It’s time for me, to realize

No sense in trying, to change the past

It’s time to leave, regrets behind

Go from here, to make a life


Time will come, I’ll find new friends

We’ll take up playin’, playin’ the blues again

The only place, that the blues belong

Is in the sway of a swinging song


It’s time to kiss, despair goodbye

Time to rise, on the other side

Time I’m sitting up, high and dry

While down below, them rivers flow on by

Amaury Faivre Duo - Crazy Old Man


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