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Even More

musique, texte : Amaury Faivre

album : 2020 (track 8)


I’m back home in my morning

With my guitar in my hand

My wife and son they’re still asleep

And I try to hush as I can


After I’ve paid for gasoline

And given their share to the band

I lay ashamed of what it gives

Only forty poor dollars in my hand

So I dry my tears and I try to sleep

I know my wife’s gonna wake up and say

You gotta pay for the groceries, groceries


I’m gonna have to beg my friends

Once again to lend me cash

And I’m in luck by the end of the year

If I don’t drown in debts

So I dry my tears and I grab my phone

I know my wife’s gonna wake up and say

It’s your turn to pay the rent, pay the rent


But I hear a voice deep inside of me

It says to hold on to my beliefs

It says it’s gonna pay for all the years

Of struggling and having not enough to eat

So I dry my tears and I pray the Lord

Someday she wakes up and I’ll say

I’ll pay for what we need and even more, even more

Amaury Faivre


Copyright © 2020 Amaury Faivre

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Amaury Faivre
Amaury Faivre