Driving Wheel

musique, TEXTE: Junior Parker

Album: Ol' Days Feel (2012, track 9)


My baby don't have to worry, she don't have to rob and steal

I give her ev'rything she needs, I am her drivin' wheel


She left me this mornin', said she'd be back at soon

She'd be back early Friday morning or late Saturday afternoon


I wrote my baby a letter, don't want no one to break the seal

That letter goes to my baby, I am her drivin' wheel


Now wait a minute, I wanna tell you somethin'!

I wanna tell you about my baby!

Ev'ry time she walks, she's like a leaf on a WILLOW tree

I want you to c'mon baby, COS I AM YOUR DRIVIN' WHEEL

Amaury Faivre and the Broken Harps - Ol' Days Feel


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